Jumbe: Agricultural Budget is Lacking

June 7, 2016 0

By: Happy Arnold Soko Jumbe Denies Allegations that Agriculture gets lion’s share. The Chairperson for the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Felix Jumbe has denied allegations that the sector has received a lion’s share in the […]

Malawi Economy in Distress; No Path Forward Seen

June 3, 2016 1

Exclusive: Malawi economy distressful: Opposition By: Happy Arnold Soko Contradicting the government’s claim of inheriting an “empty coffer” and making a vigorous improvement in the economic front, the opposition party claims that the government has […]

China on Africa: Ally or a New Colonialist?

April 30, 2016 2

Exclusive: China on Africa: Ally or a New Colonialist? By: Feston Konzani An investigation by The Malawi Star has established the unregulated, self governed, physical abuses and unsafe working conditions in Malawi’s Chinese owned factories […]

Centre for Human Rights to Safeguard Prostitutes

April 25, 2016 8

By Thula Chisamba The Centre for Human Rights, Education and Advise Assistance (CHREAA), has expressed interest in safeguarding the rights of prostitutes in the country. Speaking in an interview on Sunday, CHREAA executive director, Victor Mhango, […]

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