Banda Drops Out Endorses Chakwera

By Gracian Lungu

Demonstrating a commitment towards building a new Malawi, former Malawi President Joyce Banda who is also People’s Party (PP) president has taken a bold decision by withdrawing from the presidential race and endorsing Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and its 2019 tripartite elections presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera. Dr. Joyce Banda states that Lazarus Chakwera is the only presidential candidate who has the capacity to bring a government which can be enjoyed by all Malawians.


While addressing journalists at a joint press conference between MCP and PP, PP’s Ibrahim Matola says the decision to join hands with MCP was arrived at after considering the need to build a new Malawi. This can only be achieved by Malawi Congress Party and its leader Lazarus Chakwera. Matola further says the discussions between the two parties to work together in building new Malawi dates back in 2015 when Dr. Joyce Banda was in America.

Rumors had been circulating around in different sections of Malawi as well as on different social media platforms. These rumors became reality Thursday when PP National Executive Committee (NEC) held a caucus with MCP envoy where the deal was sealed. The joint press briefing revealed Banda’s withdrawal from the forthcoming presidential elections race and the endorsement of Chakwera and MCP.

Many people have hailed Banda for her bold decision where she has forgone self-glorification, by endorsing a platform for other leaders to do their part for the development of the country.
MCP’s Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka applauds PP for joining MCP to form a block which shall work very hard towards replacing the current government of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). This move hopes to create a government which is good for all Malawians driven by Chakwera with his 5 concepts of servant leadership, uniting Malawi, prospering together, ending corruption and rule of law.

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