Monsanto Malawi Launches New Maize Variety DK 777

By Alfred Mthandizi

Monsanto Malawi, has launched new Maize variety called DK777 at a function which took place in the area of Group Village Headman Chibamu in the area of Senior Chief Mabulabo in Mzimba. Monsanto Malawi Country Manager Gift Kawamba encouraged farmers to grow the variety because it is medium maturity with tolerant to cob rot. 

Kawamba said the variety is exceptionally of good grain texture and pound able. According to the Monsanto Director, the variety is potential of 80-85 Bags of 50 Kilograms per acre. “We are urging farmers to access this variety because it is reliable, disease tolerant and double cobbling potential,” said Kawamba. 

Controller of Agricultural Extension and Technical Services Dr. Albert Changaya collaborated with the Monsanto Manager on the need of planting DKC777 saying the variety has been tested and it can resist from Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND). 

Changaya has since asked Malawians not just to bring foreign varieties to avoid bringing in the diseases like Lethal Necrosis. Changaya also promised that Government will help to promote the variety for the food security of Malawians. Two farmers Abgail Beza and Simon Moyo from the area said after trying the variety they are satisfied. The two farmers said they have been trying for different varieties but not they are safe with the new variety. 

Some of the seeds which Mosanto has been promoting include:

DKC 8053, DKC 8033, DKC80-53 Mkangala, DKC90-89 Fumba,

DKC81-81, DKC90-53 Nsangalabwi and DKC80-33 Mapasa 

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