Minister Jappie Mhango says North Malawi is for Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika

By Alfred Mthandizi

Democratic Progressive Party Campaign Director (DPP), Jappie Mhango has insisted that Northern region is for Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika. 

Speaking in an exclusive interview in Lilongwe, Mhango who is also Minister of Transport and Public Works said whatever the case the position for the north remains clear that the region will support Mutharika and we will vote for him even at the convention. 

“You know DPP is the most democratic Party in the country by the virtue that we are endorsing him does not mean that we are not going to hold the convention, we will convene but what we are saying is that as a region we will support APM candidate. I think this should be made clearly,” said Mhango. 

Mhango said by the virtue that some members are endorsing Mutharika does not mean that other members are not allowed to contest at the convention. Mhango said Mutharika has performed beyond many people expectation. 

“Look how many roads have been upgraded just few years that he has been in power, check how many hospitals have been built and even the economy, has been going on very well.” said Mhango.

He also said after consulting the chiefs, the party members and the party members, the status is that Mutharika is the only person to represent the ruling party, the DPP. 

Speaking recently when commissioning Nkhatabay Jetty, Mhango accused some ungrateful DPP members for rising against APM and yet the same people are where they are because of the same Mutharika. Mhango said at length on the need to respect the President. 

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