Hope for a Child construct ECD Centre in Lilongwe

By Alfred Mthandizi

UK based Charity Hope for a Child has constructed Early Childhood Education Development (ECD) Centre at GVH Mchepa which is aimed at accommodating 3,000 kids. Group Village Headman Mchepa the construction of the ECD Centre is historic in the area saying the community has never had such beautiful center before. 

“We are grateful to Hope for a Child because up to now the community were staying and learning in dilapidated buildings but now the buildings are just good and safe for our children,” said GVH Mchepa who was speaking on behalf of Chief Mkukula.

Commenting on the projected which Hope of the Child is implementing through Rhema Institute for Development, it’s CEO Herrings Thom said he was very happy to see successful completion of the projects. Thom said the organization is committed to ensure that plight of child is improved by among other things providing them with quality ECD facilities. 

Rhema Executive Director Innocent Semu said he is appreciative to Hope for the Child for the financial support for the construction of the facilities. Semu said children were attending classes in a building with no roof and with cracks. 

Just recently Villagers from the area of Group Village Headman Kapulura in the area of Traditional Authority Mkukula in Dowa were all smile after being rescued from drinking sewage contaminated water from the Lumbadzi river which is heavily polluted with sewer coming from broken pipes.

Senior Group Village Headman Kapulula could not hide his joy when asked his reaction soon after a five men and women delegation from Hope for a Child led by the organization’s Chief Executive Officer Tom Herrings handed over some boreholes. 

Herrings said Hope of the Child is committed to ensure that women and children are able to access clean and portable water within reach and walkable distances.

Herrings commended Rhema a local NGO for successfully implementing the borehole drilling projects in the area. According to the CEO the project is to ensure that children are safe from water borne diseases.

“We will continue assisting the community through various projects interventions which include water, sanitation and nutrition, the other thing is that we are very happy with our partners Rhema who are doing quite a good job, “said Herrings. 

Commenting on the project, Rhema Executive Director, Innocent Semu commended Hope for a Child for the support rendered to the community through the organization.

SGVH Kapulula said he was happy that his community which has 3,000 people will benefit from water courtesy of UK Charity Hope of the Child. Kapulula said he is happy that his people will now be drinking good and portable water. 

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