Land Disputes Cost One’s Life in Kasungu, Three Arrested and Charged with Murder

By Alfred Mthandizi

Police in Kasungu are keeping in custody Saizi Banda, 50, Mike Banda, 23, and Anjelo Banda, 20 for allegedly murdering Lloyd Banda, 47 over land disputes. The incident occurred at Jeke village, in the area of Traditional Authority Simlemba in Kasungu District.

Brief facts according to Kasungu Police Publicist Edna Mzingwitsa, are that the deceased and Saizi Banda, the suspects are relatives and that in November, 2017 they had a dispute over a piece of farm land. According to Mzingwitsa, the matter was taken before Simlemba Second Grade Magistrate Court where judgement favored Saizi Banda but despite losing the case, the deceased continued living on the land which he was supposed to vacate.

“On the material day, Saizi Banda wanted the deceased to vacate the land and in the course, disagreement erupted which led into fierce fighting. Mike Banda and Anjelo Banda ganged up to help Saizi Banda fighting Lloyd Banda who was also supported by other few relatives. Its alleged that, during the fighting the suspects used weapons such as axes, hoe handles and panga knives to beat up Lloyd Banda severely who died on the spot.” said Mzingwitsa.

Postmortem examination results revealed that death was due to severe head injuries Police told Malawi Star. The three suspects will appear before court soon to answer the charges of Murder when police investigations are completed. Lloyd Banda hailed from Jeke village, Traditional Authority Simlemba in Kasungu district where the three suspects also come from.

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