Kutsaira Says DPP Will Win 2019 General Elections

By Alfred Mthandizi

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Central Region Governor, Binton Kutsaira says come rain come sunshine the ruling Democratic Progressive will carry the day during the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Kutsaira said this when he was welcoming Peoples Party members led by its Central Region Provincial Chairperson David Kambalame.
Kutsaira said “Whether one likes or not DPP will win the 2019 general elections because it’s the only party which is developmental conscious than any party in the country,”

Kambalame on Sunday joined ruling Democratic Progressive Party at a function which took place at Mazengera Headquarters.
Speaking while welcoming Kambalame, DPP central region Governor, Binton Kutsaira, commended Kambalame for his decision of joining the ruling party. Kutsaira said DPP is the party of unity.
Kutsaira said the coming of Kambalame is clear sign that DPP is popular in the central bank region.

In his speech, Kambalame said he has decided to join DPP after seeing that Mazengera is the list developed area among other areas.
Kambalame said there is no electricity, no clinic and no clean water in the area.
“I have decided to join DPP in order to assist my Constituency well,” Said Kambalame.

Kambalame said he will work tirelessly to have secondary school, health center and other amenities in the area.
During the function Kutsaira also welcomed the Mitundu Chisamba women.

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