Airtel Malawi Excited With Progress of Kuufira Summer Bonanza as Agri-Business Man Wins K1Million

By Alfred Mthandizi

Giant Mobile Service Provider Airtel has disclosed that the company is excited with progress of Kuufira Summer Bonanza as the company now in its tenth draw. Airtel Data and Devices Manager, Masiye Mazaza made the announcement on Wednesday when the company was conducting its tenth draw. Mazaza said since the inception of this draw, the revenue generated through rechargeable vouchers has increased tremendously. Mazaza said the company is happy that its customers are happy too. 

During the function, Charles Chinomba won K1Million. Speaking to Chinomba on his winning, Chinomba said he was happy to win such money during this lean period where money is a problem. “We are undergoing difficult time financially and to win such big amount of money is worth to cherish,” said Chinomba. 

Chinomba is just an agro dealer and just last week a house maid also won the same amount of money. Airtel Usage and retention manager Thoko Kamkondo disclosed during the ninth draw which saw a Kasungu business man Fosten winning K1Million. Kamkondo said Airtel has so far spent K18Million for the promotion changing people lives.

Kamkondo said the promotion has gone very well and that they were happy that Airtel has contributed to changing lives of ordinary citizens for the better. “We have so far paid out K18Million and more people are entering the promotion,” said Kamkondo. “We are so excited just as our customers are also excited and ours is an appeal to customers to continue recharging with K100 or more to enter the competition and stand a chance of winning any of the cash prizes including the K5 million grand prize that will be given at the end of the competition,” said Kamkondo.

When Airtel officials called Fosten he could not believe the news that he has won K1 Million. Fosten promised to use the money extending his business in Kasungu. This was the same with Karonga based retired civil servant Yolam Nyasulu who could not believe that he has won that money. 

Nyasulu thanked Airtel Malawi for coming to the rescue of his daughter Silale and son Ben, who were on the verge of missing university education. Nyasulu said hopes of sending Silale and Ben to Livingstonia Unversity had vanished having failing to raise their tuition fees.

According to the father of eight, Ben got 14 points with his sister scoring 18 points during last year’s MSCE examinations and both of them were selected to Livingstonia University of the Livingstonia CCAP Synod. “My children were desperate to go to Livingstonia University but I could not raise the required amount of tuition fees. My only hope was that they should get selected to a public university but with the quota system, which saw a certain student from the north with 11 points missing on last year’s selection list their chances are not that high. “When students reported at Livingstonia University last week, my children did not report but after receiving the money from Airtel, I have let both of them go the university,” said Nyasulu.

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