AHL Group Launches 2018 Tree Planting Exercise

By Alfred Mthandizi

AHL Group has launched 2018 tree planting exercise at a function which took place at Kayembe Headquarters in Dowa District. Tobacco Control Commission Chief Classifier, Patricia Kasamale, Senior Chief Kayembe and Group Village heads attended the launch. Kasamale disclosed that soon TCC will not register any farmer without woodlot. Kasamale said mechanisms are being put in place to have the policy be effective. 

Launching the exercise, AHL General Manager for Tobacco Sales, Moses Yakobe said AHL Group intends to plant 56,000 trees this year alone. Yakobe said since 2009, AHL has planted over 100,000 trees and AHL brought 2,000 trees to be distributed to farmers. “This year we have changed the approach. Instead of focusing in planting of trees in schools, we distributing the trees direct to farmers themselves so that we ensure sustainability,” said Yakobe.

As part of corporate social responsibility, AHL Group through its Floors and Subsidiaries, have been planting trees in selected communities across the country. The exercise implements government efforts since they launched this year’s tree planting exercise in December. The exercise will run through the following subsidiaries: AHL Commodities Exchange, Malawi Leaf Company Limited, AHL Chemicals and Steel Limited, ATC and TIL.

Yakobe said AHL Group understands that climate change is negatively affecting the agriculture sector in this country and that is why the company fully supports government plans to arrest deforestation by planting more trees. 

In 2015, AHL Group planted 9,200 tree seedlings in the country but this year AHL Group decided to increase the number of trees from 9,200 in 2015 to 56,000 trees in 2018.

Traditional Authority Kayembe says she will use by laws to so that anyone found cutting down trees should be paying chickens or even goats. 

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