Shame! Garbage Block Road in Malawi Township of Nchesi in the Capital City Lilongwe

By Alfred Mthandizi

In an interview, vendors say that the garbage has remained uncollected for months despite vendors paying daily fees to Lilongwe City Council. Vendors are currently angry and worried about their health. Their daily lives depend on the selling different merchandises.

No wonder their Chair, Cassim Mkwinda, vowed that they will withdraw paying taxes to Lilongwe City Council to force them to take notice. The vendors said they are tired of paying tax and not getting services such as garbage collection.

A visit to Mchesi by our crew confirmed that indeed things are not well in Mchesi. The crew found visibly angry chair showing the anthill of uncollected garages which has blocked the road. The crew could not drive past the hill to the other side. “We are ready to go anywhere and complain. People can die from Cholera with the conditions here.” Despite the council collecting money on daily basis, services are not improving by the Lilongwe City Council.

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