Njobvuyalema Condemns Msowoya Action for Openly Accusing the MCP President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera

By Alfred Mthandizi

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Mapuyu North, Joseph Njovuyalema, who some viewed him as a close friend and confidant for the speaker of National Assembly, on Thursday condemned his former friend Richard Msowoya for being part and parcel of the senior party officials who petitioned Dr. Chakwera accusing him of raping the constitution.

Njobvuyalema statement condemning Speaker of Parliament comes amid a confidential memo which Msowoya, Second Deputy President, Mr. McDonald Lombola, Party Secretary General, Mr. Gustav Kaliwo, First Secretary General, James Chatonda Kaunda, treasure general Tony Kandiero petitioned the Party President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, accusing him as raping the party Constitution.
Opposition Malawi Congress Party already accused Msowoya and recommended to national executive Committee that party Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo be suspended.

Njovuyalema said by stating publicly that Chakwera is not good leader it means the Msowoya has rebelled against his own boss and that he is trying to remove the legitimate leader through illegal means. “Msowoya, as Deputy President, is second in command in the party. If anything goes wrong in the party it makes him responsible, also.” said Njobvuyalema.

Njobvuyalema said Msowoya being the speaker of National Assembly again has put MCP members of parliament in an awkward situation because they cannot access his office. “Anyone accessing his office will be assumed of having plans to discuss plans on how to remove Dr. Chakwera from his position in other ways he will be viewed as being his sympathizer because most Parliamentary chairs are those from MCP as well,” said Njobvuyalema.

Njobvuyalema said he is also worried on how he will be accessing Msowoya office him being vice President of SADC- PF. Njobvuyalema has since urged the two to quickly mend their fences and bring down the tension.

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