Rhema Bails out Dowa Residents from Drinking Sewer Contaminated Water

By Alfred Mthandizi

Rhema Institute for Development has rescued Dowa residents who have been drinking water mixed with water from sewer system. Senior Group Village Headman Kapulula told us during interviews that Rhema, a local NGO has done a good job of providing clean water in the area of Traditional Authority Chimutu. “This is the first time that we have seen water from boreholes. We have been just hearing from other areas so we are grateful towards to Rhema for initiating the project.” said GVH Kapulula.

Kapulula urged community to take care of the boreholes and not vandalize the boreholes. Rhema Executive Director, Innocent Semu said his organization is committed to ensure that community is drinking good water. Semu also urged the community to take care of the borehole. Semu said it’s unfortunate that people have been drinking such bad waters for decades. “These people have been drinking very bad water mixed with sewer and dead dogs. This is bad for their lives.” said Semu.

Just recently, the same project has been providing clean water in the area of Traditional Authority Mkukula who will always remember Rhema Institute for Development (RHID) for the provision of clean and portable water. People in the area of Mkukula in Dowa have been experiencing water shortages for a long time.

Thamison Mauleni, a resident in the area told our reporters that women in the area have been desperate to find water because the boreholes which were drilled in the area are all broken down few years Gago. Rhema has been maintaining boreholes and drilling shallow wells with support from Hope for a Child – UK.

Rhema is a local Non-Government Organization that has mandate of serving poor, vulnerable, and marginalized communities worldwide. The organization exist to reduce poverty and mitigate the impact of HIV /Aids and provide care and support to those infected with and affected in Malawi through covering a wide range of community livelihoods intervention in Malawi such as microfinance. Rhema is currently on contract with Dowa and Lilongwe District Council, to implement various projects such as water and sanitation, microfinance, livestock development, women children integrated Hunger Project and small scale irrigation

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