Daza Bemoans Corruption and Nepotism in Malawi

By Alfred Mthandizi

Democratic People’s Congress (DEPECO) President Dr. Chris Daza has bemoaned high levels of corruption and nepotism locking the country. Daza says corruption and nepotism is having negative impact on the economic, political and social development of the country.

Dr. Daza was speaking in Lilongwe when he was opening a convention where elections are expected to take place. By the look of things and mood in the convention whole, it was clear that delegates will validate presidency of Acting Daze to become the full president DEPECO President. On nepotism, Daza said it does not make sense to give people positions to unqualified people just because they come from my home. “Because I come from Ntcheu does it mean that all the key positions should come from Ntcheu” said Daza.

This was indirect attack to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led Government which is being accused of recruiting Lhomwe people into key positions. On Corruption, Daza said it was unfortunate that Malawi as a country has tolerated corruption. “We know where corruption is happening, we know who is doing corruption, we know how they are doing corruption but we have chosen to allow it,” said Daza.

On Quarter System, Daza said DEPECO does not support corruption. “Why should someone with 28 points go to university leaving someone with 10 points just because of the system,” argued Daze. On poverty Daza said Malawi has not faced any war but the economy is worse than any neighboring country.

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