Nsima Cooker Innovator Develop Black Wing

BY Luciano Milala

A 25 year old Mchinji boy popularly known as Nsima cooker innovator has once again broken another record after innovating equipment known as Black Wing which will ease water scarcity among Malawians especially those in rural areas.

A local Malawian from Mchinji, Zack Mwale has developed Black Wing which is equipment that is used in drawing water. Zack Mwale partnered with an American man, Mike Dits who, who had previously heard and wished to know how he manage to develop the Nsima Cooker.

According to Mike Dits he also heard about a Malawian man who developed equipment which produces energy from the wind in Kasungu. “I heard about the man who develops wind energy and I was excited to know that a lot of young people in Malawi are innovators. I came here to learn what prompted them to come up with new technologies in addressing challenges affecting people in the country.” Mike Dits said.

On Black Wing, Mike Dits said, “It pained me that people in the country are facing a lot of challenges in accessing clean water and that some people are drinking feces in the capital city of Lilongwe. I asked Zack Mwale to develop a means of easing water challenges, hence he developed Black Wing. If you heard about area the 18 story, then you know that people in the country are not drinking safe water. With Black Wing, these people can now start drinking safe water.” About 30 families in Eliza Village are now drinking safe water since the water has been treated for people in the area to drink.

A 54 year old woman who has benefited from the Black Wing commended Zack Mwale and Mike Dits for developing Black Wing. “Let me tell you we were drinking water where dogs also swim and our lives were in danger. We were continuously suffering from diarrhea.” Patricia Misewu stated.

During the dry season, women were walking a distance of 10 kilometer to fetch water. This also puts their families at risk for fear of martial affairs. Village headman Eliza of traditional authority Mlonyeni in Mchinji said Black Wing is a milestone to water challenges that people in his area were facing. “As you have seen, there is no single water source in my area. Residents were facing more problems getting clean water. They were drawing water where animals also drink. With the black wing, we will be able to drink safe water.” Vg Eliza added that, “I saw a lot of cases of divorce as men were accusing their wives of having sexual affairs with other men.”

Apart from easing water challenges, Zack Mwale said he will also create more jobs. Young people will be working doing these jobs across the country where water is a big challenge. “As you have seen, for this project to be completed we will need a lot of people to help. I will employ a lot of young people to help me, as I have done with Mike Dits. These young people will get something for their families. I will also train a lot of young people to do these projects in their areas. They will earn something at the end of it that will help to the complement government’s effort to end employment challenges in the country.”

Zack Mwale in 2009 developed an automatic door which people can use a phone to unlock or to lock their houses. In 2015 he developed an Nsima cooker which also uses phone to cook African favorite food (Nsima) and now he has developed Black Wing which people can use in drawing water.

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