Gwengwe Purchases an Ambulance and Toyota Prado to Better Serve Constituency

By Alfred Mthandizi

Lilongwe Msonzi North’s newly elected Parliamentarian, Sosten Gwengwe, has procured a Toyota TX and Ambulance Toyota Voax in order to serve the people better. Gwengwe confirmed to our reporters that he has purchased an ambulance for the Constituency, Toyota Voax and Toyota TX Prado for personal use. “When I was campaigning, people complained about shortage of ambulances in this area. They said they informed him that they rely on ambulances either from Mitundu or Bwaila Hospitals which is very far from here.” said Gwengwe.

Gwengwe said that he also decided to buy Toyota TX so that he is able to visit the people in his constituency without difficulties. “This is an all-weather vehicle; it will be simple for me to visit each and every corner of my constituency without hurdles.” said Gwengwe.

Recently, Gwengwe embarked on the tour aimed at thanking his new Constituency for voting for him in such large numbers.

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