Search for Miss Malawi Officially Launched

By Alfred Mthandizi

Organizers of this year’s hunt for Miss Malawi Beauty Pageant on Wednesday officially announced dates for the auditions. Speaking during a press conference held in Lilongwe, Chairperson of this year’s organizing committee, Albert Banda said he was happy to announce that first auditions will take place starting with central region. “We will start the auditions with Lilongwe on 30 September, 2017 at BICC before going to Mzuzu at Grand Place on October 7, while in Blantyre we will do auditions on October 17.” said Banda.

Banda said regional finals will take place in Blantyre on November 25 while Mzuzu will have regional finals on 23 December before the final one on January 27 in Lilongwe. Banda said the committee is inviting intelligent, beautiful and smart girls aged between 18 and 25 to take part in the auditions. “Miss Malawi is a strategic platform to empower young to empower young girls by being influential into the society. As you are aware the current Miss Malawi has interacted with MPs on issues of population on top of that he has been holding motivational talks in various places including Machinga.

During the press conference, Banda appealed to the well-wishers to come forward and support the cause. “While we invited you guys to update you on the current status, we would like to urge new sponsors to come and assist for this second season,” said Banda. 

Former Chancellor College student, a holder of bachelor’s degree in nutrition Science, Cecilia Khofi is a current holder of the title through a tight race which took place at Bingu International Conference Centre. Khofi went away with Nissan Tilda after emerging the winner of Miss Malawi 2017 out shining 13 other contestants in the finals of the beauty pageant. The event took place on 28th April, 2017.

Apart from dazzling patrons with their beauty, the contestants tried to prove how brainy they are by stating how they would curb over-population in Malawi. The competition’s theme was Managing Over-Population.

Speaking after being crowned Miss Malawi, 23 year old young girl currently working with ministry of health, said she was “very happy” to carry the day and promised to use her position to champion education among girls, empowering women in all spheres and making sure that she is taking a leading role in reducing over population in the country.