SME’s Stand to Benefit from ‘Expand Your Business’ Program

By Alfred Mthandizi

Malawi Business Community stands to benefit from the newly launched Expand Your Business (EYB) Program, which is an initiative aimed at integrating training and support package for growth-oriented enterprises. The EYB program aims to assist entrepreneurs to systematically plan for the growth of their businesses by developing and implementing strategic business growth plans and strengthening the core operational functional areas of their businesses.

According to ILO’s Project Officer, Mr. Chisomo Ngosi, EYB is an integrated training course for growth-oriented entrepreneurs whose main output is a business growth plan, which includes chapters on marketing, operations, human resources, and financial and strategic management.

The ILO is supporting the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism to roll out the program to the SME sector following a trainer development program that begun in 2016.
Speaking during a Growth Strategy Development Workshop organized at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe, Seraphim’s Construction and Freddie’s Lodge Managing Director, Lilian Khofi said the program will improve the profitability of her enterprise and in turn create employment based on the strategic growth initiatives she has developed for her business.
“We have learnt a lot during this program, and I am certain that my businesses will grow because we are being trained and guided on how to identify ways and means on how to expand businesses,” said Khofi.

Willy Mzumala of Tapika Company corroborated Khofi saying EYB Program will help to enhance businesses as they it challenges entrepreneurs to take a look at their business vision, objectives and core values. “We have learnt a lot through the workshop, I have been able to rethink where I am coming from and where I would like to take my business”, said Mzumala.
Mzumala commended the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism for facilitating the training for the first cohort of 17 entrepreneurs from across the country and economic sectors.

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