UDF Officials Risk Arrest for Court Contempt

By Our Reporter

United Democratic Front (UDF) officials risk arrest for contempt of court following their continued disrespect of a court order setting aside suspension of UDF Second in command, IQs Mthandizi Omar.

UDF publicity secretary, Ken Ndanga recently said UDF cannot recognize IQs Omar at the moment because the party suspended him and that the party has not been briefed on the court outcome on the matter.

UDF publicity secretary, Ken Ndanga commented that he cannot recognize IQs Omar at the moment because the party has not been briefed on the matter of his case. In an interview, lawyers for Omar, Robert Kadzakumanja said they will be filing a contempt procedure to have permanent relief on the matter.

Omar who was removed from his position as United Democratic Front Vice President, after being accused of working with parallel structures can now afford a smile after the Lilongwe High Court reinstated him at his position. The judgement read; “And upon reading skeleton arguments from the arguments filed in support of the summons I therefore dismiss the case with costs,” ruled Judge Justice Mwale.

In an interview, Omar said he was very happy with the ruling saying he loves the party and that he will die UDF. Omar said the case has been tying his hands and stopping him from doing any party activities but he said he was happy now that all is done. The court has finally freed him.

“I will now invest my energies and resources in rebuilding the party. As you know the party popularity has gone down since our president is with government serving Malawians, people have been expecting a lot from us so it’s like we have kept people in suspense,” said Omar.

Omar said we are the founders of UDF party since 1991 when we were still operating underground and invested millions of Kwachas both in financial and in material. We even put our lives at risk just for the sake of our country and our people. We are happy that today they are enjoying the freedom that we fought for. All these people were not there. I also do not believe in gossip and backbiting that’s why God has shown them that tarnishing the name of an innocent people, is wrong.

But Ndanga who is UDF spokesperson said “We haven’t seen the judgement so we will comment after reading the judgement and after being briefed by our lawyers.” said Ndanga.
Asked if UDF is ready to pay millions of money to Omar as per judgement, Ndanga insisted that he cannot comment on something he is not aware of. “Am saying as a party that has not been communicated to us,” said Ndanga.

When we contacted lawyers for Omar, George and Robert Kadzajumanja, he said he will be filing court contempt soon. “We are almost ready to file the court contempt because the order is just very clear setting aside their earlier plea demanding that Omar is suspended,” said Kadzakumanja. In an interview, UDF Secretary General said he has not received the document.

Our reporters sent him the orders Padambo said despite the order, UDF does not still recognize him because the order has not been specified on the reinstatement. “I want to say here that I have noted the judgement, however it is just an order setting aside the summons to dismiss the order. It appears to have nothing to do with reinstatement. If you look carefully, you will see that it is apparent that after the expulsion, UDF might have obtained an order against Mr. Omar. It must be that order being set aside for “lack of prosecution”. I do not see anywhere where the Court is reversing NEC’S decision and ordering re-instatement.” said Padambo.

After speaking to Lawyer Kadzakumanja he said UDF is just buying time by playing hide and seek. “That is why we are going to court for contempt,” said Kadzakumanja. Omar has also complained that he is being sidelined in all the activities proceeding the October 17 by elections. Omar said it is very strange that the party is doing its own things without the owner of the region.

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