Conman Nabbed For Duping Over MK5 Million from a Zambian National

By Our Reporters

Centrally Region Police Headquarters have arrested Robert Kachingwe, 45 for duping a Zambian national of over Mk 5 million with intention to multiply it. Central Region Police Publicist Nollieta Chihana has confirmed about the arrest. “Yes, it’s true that we have arrested Robert for duping a Zambian national of K5Million,” said Chihana.

“The Police learned that Philonia Phiri (the complainant) heard from a certain Mozambican (particulars are unknown), of Robert Kachingwe, a Malawian, who multiplies cash. After discussing with her husband, they journeyed to Malawi in Area 24 to meet the magician. The couple gave the magician Mk 5 million with an agreement to make it Mk 15 million. They were then told to leave until the next following day.

When they came the following day, another Mk200, 000 was demanded from the couple, which he told them that he wanted to buy water which people use for bathing dead human bodies. He told them that such water is necessary component to finish off the process of cash multiplication. After that they were also told to leave for another day.” said Chihana.

Chihana said on the following meeting, the magician asked the couple how much they would pay him since he had managed to make Mk48 million instead of the initial Mk15 million. It was later agreed that Mk10 million will be given to him. Surprisingly, the trickster did not give them the money but instead told them to come another day with Mk250, 000 cash to offer it to the spirits who had performed the multiplication process. On this day they were ordered never to meet him again at Area 24 but instead they should now start meeting at Msokoneza village, in Traditional Authority Kalolo in Lilongwe.

When they met in Mchinji, the couple was taken to the graveyard where they were ordered to remove pants and told them to surrender the agreed Mk250, 000. Later on they were given some charms to take home. When they reached home that day they discussed and agreed to report to Police since it was certain that the magician had cheated them. Chihana said upon receiving the report, Police launched investigations and managed to arrest the suspect.

Kachingwe hails from Nsokoneza village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kalolo, Lilongwe district. He will appear before court soon to answer a case of Obtaining Money by False Pretense which contravenes section 319 of the Penal Code.

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