Chiefs Commends Chidzanja for Promoting Football in Lilongwe City Centre Constituency

By Alfred Mthandizi

Lilongwe City Centre based traditional leaders have commended Vumani Chidzanja Nkhoma for his interest of promoting sports in the area. Vumani Chidzanja is currently hosting Tambala Trophy in his area which targets less than 18 youths.

Speaking in an interview soon after top eight football match between White Eagles and Barry Academy, Vumani traditional leaders who were present watching the games told our reporters that the trophy has helped to reduce crime rate in the area.

One Chief who spoke on behalf of other chiefs said youths are currently very busy and they are no longer indulging in immoral behavior including criminal activities. “We are now moving even at night we are not fearing of being attacked even the rate of HIV transmission has reduced in our area because our youths are busy with sports especially during this holiday so we commend Mr. Chidzanja for this gesture,” Said Chief Kumpemba.

Chief Kumpemba added that there are a lot of people in this area with money but they are not sharing the same with our youths as Chidzanja is currently doing. He gave examples of businessman and women who are just busy eating their money with their wives and husbands. “We need more of people like Vumani who have passion for sharing the little available,” Said the chief.
During the Thursday games White Eagles whipped Barry Academy 3-0. Aubrey Seyani made surprise come back after he struggled in the first half by punching two strategic scores in a row of 30 to 40 minutes of the first half.

In a bid to complement government efforts to enhance football in Malawi, Vumani Chidzanja launched trophies in the City of Lilongwe. The trophies which were brainchildren of Chidzanja Acadamy were aimed at grooming future players. “Yes it’s true we have developed this football academy as you know Malawi football talent is here within the local areas, but they are not identified due to the lack of sports academy,” said Chidzanja.

Chidzanja, who is also a well-known businessman, has urged well-wishers to support the project. “My job will be to work tirelessly with the talented youths below 18 years of age and groom them into productive and successful footballers,” said Chidzanja.

Currently Chidzanja is only dealing with boys, but soon he says he will start nurturing girls as well so they too can become successful net ballers. “All these big international players that you see now were groomed from these sports academies.”

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