Central Region Police Chief Asks Traditional Leaders for Support in the Fight Against Crime

By Alfred Mthandizi

The commissioner of police responsible for central region John Nyondo has urged all traditional leaders and all stakeholders to enhance their efforts if the country is to win the battle against crime.
Speaking to a multitude of people who included 133 member squad which represented community policing forum from the Senior Chief Kalonga in Salima who were on an exchange visit to Mlonyeni CPF, Nyondo commended the initiative as detrimental and has named it as a right tool in crime prevention.

In his remarks at Tembwe RTC on August 23 2017, John Nyondo commended Senior Chief Kalonga from Salima and T/A Mlonyeni over their personal commitments for taking the leading role in the development of safety and security in their respective areas and the country as a whole.

Nyondo further urged all traditional leaders and other stakeholders in the country to borrow a leaf and emulate what the two chiefs are doing. “A nation cannot develop unless safety and security of its people is well looked into.” he lamented. “It is my wish and the wish of the Inspector General of Police to create a crime free region and country as a whole, this battle cannot be won with police alone but with collective efforts we can” he said.

He further commended for every effort Mchinji Police is taking in arresting notorious criminals who have been behind series of violent crimes in the country where some have already been convicted.

Despite these marvelous successes and breakthroughs, if the region is to be more vibrant, Regional Executive Committee Chairperson for the center Rev. Jere mentioned the need for the provision of working materials like bicycles, phones, reflectors and whistles to the community policing members.

Among other entertainments which were staged to spice up the day like Gule Wamkulu, Ingoma and comedies, police officers from Mchinji Police Station also displayed an activity called JEP to climax the event.

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