Aspen Tracking Company Rescues a Stolen Vehicle

By Alfred Mthandizi

Malawi’s car tracking company, Aspen has made a historic record where the company, in conjunction with the Malawi Police, intercepted a stolen vehicle which belonged to the Minister of Agriculture Company sources have disclosed. 

Addressing a news conference in Lilongwe, Madison Holdings Group of Companies Operations Manager Poster Chikaoneka said Aspen tracked the car using their state of the art tracking systems, Helios.

Chikaoneka said the recovered vehicle belong to Ministry of Agriculture.

“Ministry of Agriculture being our client called us alerting that their vehicle Toyota Landcruiser Registration number MG563AH had been stolen. We quickly logged in our system and we started following the vehicle. This is when we discovered that the vehicle already crossed our boarders and was heading Chimoio,  Manicaland in Mozambique,” said Chikaoneka.

Police records indicate that the stolen vehicle was Toyota Landcruiser Station Wagon / Hardtop, Registration. No.MG 563 AH with Chassis Number JTERB71J200080091 and Engine Number 1HZ0816163.

According to the Police records the recovered vehicle’s Model Year of make was 2015. Police records further indicates that that the car belonged to Sustainable for Agriculture Production in the Ministry of Agriculture P.O. Box 30134, Lilongwe 3 and was being driven by Alnord Chivundi of Ministry of Agriculture.

Further information indicates that the incident occurred at Manjawira trading center at about 11.00 pm.

“Driver of the stolen vehicle who works for Chiradzulu RDP was assigned to deliver a dead body in Lilongwe and reportedly on way back resorted to pick up unauthorized passengers who attacked him at Chipini in Ntcheu, got the vehicle and dumped him at Kankawo in Balaka after severely assaulting him,” reads a police report.

Meanwhile, three Malawian nationals (identities yet to be verified) were arrested and one suspect was shot on the leg in the process, according to police report.

The report said the vehicle registration plates MG563AH were already replaced with a Mozambiquan number AAE091SF.

Chikaoneka said as a matter of background, Aspen is a Malawian company registered as a subsidiary of Madison Group of Companies. The company provides wide range of services such as programmable events, speed restrictions, mileage tracking, wake up from accelerometer device.

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