Kasungu DPP Governor Tells Vendors Not To Pay Market Tax

By Alfred Mthandizi

The incumbent DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) Governor for Kasungu District, Osward Chirwa has told the vendors not to pay their daily taxes to the council.

A highly placed source from the Council told our reporters that the council is very disappointed with the DPP Governor of Kasungu. “We are not happy with his behavior of blocking the vendors from paying tax in order to score political points. The council is already struggling to have their budgets balance due to lack of funds,” said our source.

Our source said Osward Chirwa always intimidates anyone that attempts confront the decisions being made. “Even the council officials are being threatened with dismissals or transfers if they work against his wishes. He is very intimidating,” said our source.

Not long ago Chirwa also caused a commotion during the funeral of mother to Senior Chief Lukwa where he took microphone from an opposition Member of Parliament was speaking. The irate people pelted stones to Chirwa and to anybody wearing blue, the color of the DPP.

Osward Chirwa could not be reached for comment prior to publication.

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