CADH Endorses Peer Groups in Non Communicable Diseases Self-Management

Alfred Mthandizi

Community Against Diabetes & Hypertension (CADH) has reiterated its commitment to serve diabetes and other non-communicable diseases patients using peer supporting groups’ model. CADH has been raising diabetes and hypertension awareness in rural and urban Lilongwe through peer supporting groups that it established in 2015.

As a way of enhancing sustainability of these peer supporting groups on Saturday, CADH held a get together at its secretariat in Lilongwe. The organization’s Board Chairperson, Dr. Isaac Chirwa believes the peer groups are the best way to deal with chronic illnesses especially non-communicable diseases including diabetes. “Through the groups, we have seen tremendous improvement in people’s self-diabetes management and better understanding of relationship between diabetes and hypertension”, he said. “We therefore want to extend this model to other districts to fight non-communicable diseases”, added Dr. Chirwa.

Reacting to the purpose of the get together, founder of the organization, Sister Olive Kadzakumanja, emphasized the need to share experiences of the groups which she believes is vital in sustaining the groups. CADH programs are focused on patient education and services among all age groups and they implement their objectives through peer supporting groups. She admits that it is not easy to sustain such groups without adequate resources hence the gathering acts as a motivation. “The group members encourage each other during such gatherings since they appreciate what others with the same condition are doing”, she said.

One of the members from Chalendewa Peer Supporting Group in the Traditional Authority Chadza Edward Kalenga, who is diabetic, described the peer groups as a tool that makes him feel comfortable with his condition. “I used to feel isolated with my condition and lost hope, but when I joined the peer supporting group, my friends encouraged me to follow best practices” Kalenga said.

Community Against Diabetes & Hypertension-CADH is a local organization that serves local communities in awareness for the prevention and treatment of diabetes and hypertension and its main objective is to improve the lives of people affected by diabetes in its prevention, management and cure.

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