Kandodo Joins MCP

By Alfred Mthandizi

Kandodo delivering a speech in Kasungu when he was joining the MCP.

As the road to 2019 polls becomes shorter and shorter, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) continues to rebuild itself. The party has seen big political figures weighing in behind the old political party.

The party has already attracted former members of Parliament, former cabinet ministers and some technocrats. The party has also attracted former lower shire political heavy weight and business mogul, Sidik Mia. Mia has been holding political rallies in the lower shire attracting big crowds. Videos which have been posted on social media have shown Mia swimming in big crowds while receiving applause from the public.

Kandodo with his wife and right is Amon Nkhata.

Information which Malawi Star has gathered indicates that former Minister of Defense will be also joining the party today 13 July 2017 in his Kasungu Central Constituency. Kandodo lost in 2014 to a then little known but currently famous politician, Amon Nkhata who won on the MCP ticket. In his speech, Kandodo said he is happy to be back to his party which his grandfather founded.

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