Tribalism Stunts Development in Malawi

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Malawi Opposition politician has called on President Peter Mutharika to reverse some government decisions that create tribalism and bring divisions among the citizen.

Umodzi Party leader Professor John Chisi told The Malawi Star on Tuesday that there is an urgent need to prevent general division happening in the country.  Among them, he pointed out the selection of students to the University of Malawi using quota system and appointment of Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) in government parastatals has brought division in the country.

The challenge rose from the use of political power to hinder and narrow down other tribal groups.  For the past 10 years the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has infringed the northern ethnic groups from attaining higher education and holding high offices in the government. In the absence of efforts to build genuine citizens, ruling DPP has reverted to tribal identities as a foundation of political competition.

“Leaders often exploit other tribal groups to advance personal and political gains.  Malawi will not develop if the quota system is not abolished. The system only targets northern people and it’s a denial to the right to education. There is no love, cohesion and focus for change. Malawi will forever be same and will have a retarded development if change is not embraced,” he explained in an interview.

The opposition further denounced the incumbent Ministers for the continued thinking of Muluziism and embracing corruption as the order of the day to run the government. Umodzi Party leader challenged that corruption will not end if the government is still run by recycled politicians.

“Ministers running the government now are the very same that were there during the rule of Bakili Muluzi and Bungu Wa Mutharika. These are the people in the government that were involved in corruption and have siphoned billions of the government money. Malawians should not expected a better environment if DDP Ministers continue to rule and hold higher offices. It’s high time Malawians call for a change,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Chisi has urged Malawians to vote for a change ahead of 2019 tripartite general elections.

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