Mayor of Lilongwe City Calls for a ‘Green City’

By Alfred Mthandizi

Dr. Bikoko speaking in support of the environmental friendly city

Lilongwe City Mayor Councilor, Dr. Desmond Bikoko, has appealed for improved outlook regarding the City of Lilongwe.
Bikoko said he is not happy with the general out look of the city.

“I went to have one on one discussions and appreciate the work that Environment, Parks and Recreation Department employees are doing, as well as express my concerns with the general outlook of the city for which the department is responsible for.” said Bikoko.

During the visit, Bikoko shared his vision with them. He reminded them that his vision is for a better and clean city for Lilongwe. Bikoko said his vision cannot be achieved without their support and encouraged them to work hard collectively.

During the meeting, employees assured him of their support and their commitment to Lilongwe City Council. “In fact, within the team there were about 15 employees who have worked with Lilongwe City Council for more than 20 years and expressed sadness with lack of developmental progress with Lilongwe City Council compared to the Lilongwe of the 1980. They put the blame on lack of support from in terms of tools and departmental funding.” said Bikoko.


Lilongwe City Council Mayor, Dr. Desmond Bikoko wants green city.

According to Bikoko, some of the challenges faced by the team are:
Lack of basic working tools such as hoes, wheel barrows, slashers and that the department does not have a vehicle for use by the supervisor to inspect projects.

“There are no polythene tubes for seedling and that there is a lot of vacancies at supervisory level and now recruitment of promotion is underway,”
The employees told the Mayor that there is lack of skill training for employees who could ably upgrade their skills and apply for promotions.

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