Over 300 People from Both DPP and PP Join AFORD

By Alfred Mthandizi

More than 300 people from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the recent past ruling People’s Party (PP) have defected to the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) during the colourful whistle-stop tours which started from Kasungu Boma, Mphomwa Trading Centre, Luwerezi Trading and the boarder district of Rumphi.

In all, the venue stated AFORD President, Enock Chihana, had given two key messages. Firstly, he encouraged Malawians to vote AFORD in 2019 since the DPP led Government has failed miserably. Secondly, Chihana told Malawians of his plans on rebuilding of the once mighty AFORD.

AFORD’s President Chihana who was accompanied by his senior party gurus, told people who gathered in all of the venues that AFORD is ready to govern this country in 2019 and bail out Malawians from their social, political and economic turmoil.

Chihana, right, welcoming one of the political heavy weights, Frank Mwenefumbo, as one way of rebuilding the party.

Chihana said the Democratic Progressive Party led government has failed to bail out Malawians from their problems citing the example of how vendors are looting from Malawian farmers. “A farmer is buying fertiliser at k21,500 per 50kg and see, selling 50kg of soya at K6,500 losing K8,500 against K15,000 last year.” said Chihana.

“This is day light robbery for Malawian farmers. How can you develop like that and you have a government that is allowing that to happen. This government has failed Malawians and it has to go. That is why we are asking you to vote for AFORD in 2019 the party that is giving hope to Malawians. ” Lamented Chihana amidst cheers from the crowd.

Chihana is currently driving a bid for the revamping of AFORD. In his bid of revamping the once mighty party, the President has been busy holding rallies everywhere while pulling a lot of crowds.

The president then asked the joining members to be dedicated to the party as it continues the rebuilding exercise. “AFORD is rebranding as such you need to be in line with the new thinking of AFORD. As we are rebuilding take note, that AFORD is also adjusting on how it will be running its political affairs in line with modern times, but in order to be appealing to the demands, aspirations and wishes of Malawians,” explained Chihana.

Chihana sympathised with the people from the district for the drop of farm produce prices such as Soya by more than half from last year’s pricing ceiling of K300 per kg to K130 per kg.

Chihana impressed chiefs and those gathered when he spent much of his time delivering reconciliation message in AFORD as the party is rebranding. 

Chihana touched the hearts of many when he went on his knees on the ground to apologise for the mess that was in AFORD. “As president of AFORD, I take responsibility for whatever happened in AFORD but let us move forward now.  AFORD is the only party in the country that will give hope to the nation.” said Chihana.

Chihana finished his political rallies by addressing another big rally at Ng’onga in Rumphi Central with almost a similar message as that of Luwerezi in Mzimba District. 

At Ng’onga, more than 30 members defected from DPP joined AFORD. “These are members from Rumphi North Constituency belonging to Jappie Mhango, the current Minister of Transport. These members had to travel a long distance from Lura in Rumphi North to Ng’onga in Rumphi Central to join AFORD the party they believe is regrouping now and be ready to govern in 2019.” said Chihana.

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