Former Cabinet Minister Rolf Patel Bemoans the Broken Government System

By Alfred Mthandizi 

In an interview, Rolf Patel, one of Malawi’s pioneers who fought for multi-party democracy in the country, said the lack of effort by the citizens to hold their leaders accountable had contributed to the country’s failure to develop, despite 23 years of independence.

Rolf Patel

Patel, who served as Minister of Energy and Mining and also Relief and Rehabilitation during UDF regime, said solutions to the numerous challenges affecting the country are with ordinary people holding their leaders more accountable, if we do not, Malawi as a country, will remain being poor.

Patel said in 1994 Malawians fought the one party system. “What we wanted was change for the better, but at the moment, it is unfortunate that Malawians are living sorry lives,” Patel said that even the health system was not working properly; one has just to look at our schools to know that something is seriously wrong.

When commenting on the judiciary; Patel said “I have a matter than has been in the courts for the past 14 years now. Justice delayed is justice denied. This is not what we fought for in 1994.”

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