MPs Call for the Resignation of their Secretary General

MPs want Sec. Gen. to form own party, not risk disruption in the current party

MCP President Dr. Lazarus Chakwere is under pressure from other Parliamentarians for Sec. Gen. Gustav Kaliwo’s political convention that he’s currently organizing.

On Monday, more than 30 members of Parliament from the opposition Malawi Congress Party called for the resignation of their Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo, arguing that he has crossed the line for calling the convention.

Sec. Gen. Kaliwo is organizing an emergency convention aimed at ironing out internal wrangles in the oldest political party.

Chimwendo Banda of Dowa South East told reporters that all Parliamentarians stand behind Dr. Chakwera.

“We do not recognize the convention which Kaliwo is calling. What we know is that we will hold convention next year before officially going to elections in 2019,” said Chimwendo.

Chimwendo said the youth are very angry and that they do not want to hear that they have rough-necked Kaliwo for the gross indiscipline within the party.

Another MP, Patrick Zebron Chilondola who is the central region chairperson, said that as members of Parliament, they are tired of hearing about one person challenging the party all the time.

“We are just asking him to go and form his own political party rather than bringing unnecessary tension within the party,” Chilondola said.

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