Malawi Police teargas Students

Human Rights Activists Condemn Police

Malawi Police teargas student protesters on Monday.

Malawi Police on Monday teargassed school learners who were protesting in order to force the return of their teachers to class following the strike that is underway in the country.

The teachers are striking in order to force government to pay them their leave grants.

The students have been holding strike in various parts of the country’s roads.

For example, in the Capital City the students blocked Salima roads where they were demanding money from motorists alleging that they want to pay the teachers.

Human rights activists have since condemned the Malawi Police for using access powers on children.

Apart from the human rights activists condemning the police, street people in the city of Lilongwe have also condemned the Police for the same.

“We are asking the government to engage Teachers Union of Malawi so that the strike is called off. Look, the children are being teargassed.” businessman Joel Banda said.

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