MP Chiphiko Speaks Against Donor Dependence

He hands over the keys to a $16M office space development

MP Rhino Chiphiko (right) has future plans with the same community who helped build this police substation. He wants to build a fence for the Kawale Clinic. After the fence is completed, they will start building structures at the market.

A Malawi Congress Party Member of Parliament recently commissioned millions of dollars to build a police substation in Kawale, however, the money didn’t come from the usual donors. He initiated the development by rallying funding from the community and business sectors and he says it is time now for his fellow MPs to do the same in their respective communities.

“We can do something on our own. Don’t over-rely on government or donors,” MP Rhino Chiphiko said.

The $16 million substation will go a long way in assisting the day-to-day operations of the police, said Malawi Police Commissioner Willy Mwaluka. He revealed that the shortage of working space is a big challenge in the execution of policing duties. He described the donation as a timely gesture. 

However, Mwaluka also urged the community to desist from perpetrating violence and damaging police structures whenever misunderstandings arise between the police and the community.

“Burning police structures won’t do you any good as you will only end up the biggest losers since police will be failing to serve you effectively due to mobility challenges,” Mwaluka said at the gathering.

The officer in charge of the Kawale Police substation, Deputy Commissioner Mavuto M’bobo said officers faced serious hurdles whenever handling cases, particularly in the absence of office space.

“We used to record statements while under the trees. The situation was dire especially during rains as we had no choice but to cram ourselves into the tiny counter,” he said.