Candidate Reveals his Voter’s ID to Star

Ngwenya puts those voter id rumors to rest

Dr. Reuben Ngwenya, who is in the running to represent the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), just revealed that he does have a valid 2008 Voter’s ID Card.

The Star’s findings bring an end to speculation and rumors generating steam on social media that Ngwenya was not registered with the Malawi Electoral Commission.

Our investigations found that Ngwenya, who is a Malawi Ambassador to Japan, was in that country during the 2014 polls, which is why he was not registered during that specific year.

Ngwenya says he has been an obedient, honest, and responsible citizen, who has been taking part in the complete voting process since the first multi-party elections.

In an exclusive interview with our reporters in Lilongwe, Ngwenya said it is unfortunate how some people twist issues surrounding the unavailability of the Voter’s IDs for the 2014 election. Ngwenya said he has been voting since 1994 in the same Lilongwe south-east constituency.

“It is not true that I am not in the Malawi electoral commission system.  I have been voting since 1994 and this is my voter registration card,” Ngwenya said, producing a voter’s ID number 448731942 to prove that he has indeed been taking part in the previous elections until his departure to Japan where he was representing Malawi.

“This is my Voter’s ID you can go and verify with MEC,” the major general said.

Ngwenya said this incident inspired him to seek assistance from the courts to allow people who were out of the country on duty to be afforded the same chance to vote. He said this is important because the Constitution does not provide for this the way other countries do.

“I engaged the courts to determine the relevance of this law. I am of the view that this law is discriminatory, prohibitive and restrictive to voting rights,” Ngwenya said.

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