Joseph Ziba, Fountain of Victory Ministries to hold “Success Summit”

"This year we are looking at the complete life of an individual."

Joseph Ziba, founder of Fountain of Victory Ministries, is hosting a “Success Summit” June 17-18.

The renowned Malawian-based international preacher Joseph Ziba of Fountain of Victory Ministries will be holding a “Success Summit” in Lilongwe June 17 to June 18.

“The main focus of this year’s event is to ensure that we look at the life of an individual as a whole. Fountain of Victory had a similar summit last year which focused on financial breakthroughs and I can assure you that a lot of people gained from the summit, but this year we are looking at the complete life of an individual,” Bishop Medram Chirwa told the media.

Bishop Chirwa urged individuals to be part of the summit to experience change in their lives.

“I am personally extending my invitation to each and every individual to come and attend the summit. I am assuring you that your life will never be the same,” Bishop Chirwa said.

Fortune Harawa, the chairperson of the organizing committee, said the Fountain of Victory Praise Team will bless the congregants with soul-touching music.

Some reports already indicated that people are registering for the event in large numbers. The event is free. To register, go to

Ziba is known by his message that focuses on being successful in both the spiritual and physical life.

“Giving to God is the secret of multiplying the little that is in man’s hands. If you have a certain talent, ability to care, love, money, time — something too small in your eyes and you give it to God — see how much it is going to grow,” Ziba said.

Fountain of Victory Outreach Ministries is a non-denominational ministry whose membership is drawn from an umbrella of different denominations of the Christian faith.

The ministry is built on the very foundation of common understanding among its members that the Bible is God’s infallible word of truth whose core message “man’s salvation and relationship to his maker can be shared and championed without particular emphasis on any denominational ideology.”

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