Chiefs in Lilongwe Msozi North Accused of Stealing Voters’ IDs

DPP is intimidated with the nomination of Sosten Gwengwe, according to the Star's sources.

By the Special Investigations Desk

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is being accused of stealing voters’ identification records.

The Malawi Opposition Parties have accused the Malawi Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of organizing chiefs in order to snatch the voter certificates in the area of Lilongwe Msozi North. The Malawi Electoral Commission is set to conduct the elections in this area where the Malawi Congress Party has fielded Sosten Gwengwe.

According to the sources from the area, DPP is intimidated with the nomination of Gwengwe and this is why the party has been mobilizing chiefs in order to steal voters’ identification.

“Yes, it’s true chiefs were caught snatching the voters’ IDs on the pretext that they will be accessing soft loans and other developmental privileges,” the confidential source said.

Sources also told our reporters that people are not aware of what is happening in the area regarding the issuance of their IDs.

Currently laws forbid snatching of, or tampering, of any voter ID by any individual. The law indicates that someone can be jailed for three years once proved that the suspect was indeed tampering with the voter’s ID.

Current reports indicate that over 2,000 voter IDs may have been stolen by the chiefs.

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