Malawi NGO, Face to Face announces Victory Gardens Campaigns

The Lilongwe-based non-governmental organisation on Friday announced expansion of the Victory Garden Campaign.

By Alfred Mthandizi

The Face to Face Programme manager briefs journalists on the Victory Gardens Project.

The organisation’s project manager, Mike Chikakuda told journalists that the two-year project aims to promote and increase home gardens to 50,000.He said the gardens  will help to feed 150,000 people.

“For decades anti-hunger programmes in Malawi have faltered because they rely on government fertilizer coupons — a functioning distribution system. But the Face to Face campaign succeeds because it puts full responsibility of families feeding themselves squarely and firmly into the hands of the individuals,” Chikakula said

Chikakula said with their victory gardens, families reduce their risk of depending on one crop and it also helps families reduce debt because the gardens cost them nothing to create or maintain farm tools.

”The campaign takes something villagers already have — farming knowledge — and improves on it by using organic manure and permaculture methods to fertilize the soil and maximize water use,“ Chikakula said.

The project is currently in three districts: Phalombe, Nkhata Bay and Lilongwe.

Group Village Headman Makulenje of Chiseka in Lilongwe said people in his area are happy with the project saying the nutrition level has highly improved already.

”We are happy with the project because our lives have completely changed,” Makulenje said.

Members of the press listen attentively to the Face to Face Program’s presentations.

In Lilongwe the project is being implemented in areas of Traditional Authority Chiseka Malili and Tsabango; while in Nkhata Bay the project is being implemented in the area of Traditional Authority Fukamapiri; and lastly in Phalombe, people from Traditional Authority Mkumba are benefiting from the project.