Malawi MP, Binowaty says he is happy that he has fulfilled his campaign promises

The initiative which targets 20 peri-urban areas, aims to increase electricity access from the current rate of 9 percent to 17 percent by the year 2025.

By Alfred Mthandizi

Democratice Progressive Party Member of Parliament David Bisnowaty (DPP-Lilongwe City Centre) commended Malawi President Peter Mutharika for the initiation of various developmental projects in his city.

Bisnowaty was speaking in Lilongwe during site visits regarding electricity reticulation in peri-urban areas. This is a project that will be implemented under the Energy Sector Support Project, which is the beginning of studies on environmental impacts in the area.

MP David Binowaty speaks about electricity situation in Lilongwe and commends Pres. Mutharika for his progress.

The locations of certain proposed sites for the project (such as substations) are known while others (such as routes of distribution lines or peri-urban network extensions) are not.

“Let me commend our Pres. Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for showing that he is caring and supportive of his people. Without him, all these projects cold not be there,” Bisnowaty said.

The project is aimed at lighting 1,500 new homes — 2,500 houses in Area 49, Sector 6, and 6,600 people in Area 50.

Bisnowaty said the project is expected to benefit many people. Bisnowaty also commended the DPP-led government and Pres. Mutharika for being caring to the people of his constituency,

Bisnowaty also commended the government for tarmacking the Area 25/Area 18 road.

“This road is contributing significantly towards the development of this constituency and let me assure people of this area that the 1 kilometer  part which is remaining will be finished this year so that people are connected still in Area 18m,” Bisnowaty said.

Binowaty continued: the next three months people will be fully connected to electricity.

“What is happening here clearly shows a manifestation change of life as you are aware that electricity brings development, electricity brings happiness and joy, and this is exactly what I promised people of this constituency,” Bisnowaty said.

Bisonwaty said that during his two-and-a-half years in office, he has managed to connect more than 35,000 to clean and potable water through solar-driven pumps connected to towers.

“This was also in my manifesto to ensure that people in my constituency are not drinking water together with animals,” Bisnowaty said.

During the function, Lilongwe City Mayor Desmond Bikoko said the Lilongwe City Council is determined to ensure that people in the city are accessing electricity.

Bikoko also commended the World Bank for the support towards the project.

This is a joint venture project between the World Bank and ESCOM, targeting per-urban areas in three major cities: Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu.

In the project, the World Bank and ESCOM, have pumped in $3.5 million US dollars and 46 million respectively, for the provision of transformers. Network users have free access, but they will only be required to a pay a connection fee.

The initiative which targets 20 peri-urban areas, aims to increase electricity access from the current rate of 9 percent to 17 percent by the year 2025.

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