Malawi and Brazil signs technical bilateral agreements

Malawi and Brazil sign technical bilateral cooperation, highlights several important factors

LILONGWE: Malawi Foreign Affairs and International CooperationMinister, Francis Kasaila, has commended Brazil for the role it is playing in the development of this country.

Kasaila was speaking in Lilongwe when the two countries signed the technical bilateral cooperation.
Malawi Foreign Affairs Minister Francis Kasaila signed the agreements on behalf of Malawi government while Brazilian Foreign Affairs Minister Aloysio Nunes, who led the delegation, signed the agreements.

Malawi Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon Kasaila signed the agreements on behalf of Malawi government

The agreements, among other things, center around the areas of education, agriculture trade, sports, energy, culture and human-resource development.

Speaking in an interview, Kasaila said the agreements are very important to the two countries.

Brazil Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Nunes.

’’The Malawi government submitted a number of draft agreements to your Excellency Government negotiations in the fields of education, food security, sports, culture, energy, and human resource development. All these sectors can be collectively tackled under the framework of the Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation,’’ said Kasaila.

Kasaila also appealed to Brazil to help in sugar production.

“Brazil is doing very well in sugar production so they can also assist us to do well in this area,” said Kasaila.

Statistics indicate that during the 2016 through 2017 season, Brazil has managed to produce 37.8Million Metric Tonnes.

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