Malawi Opposition Parliamentarian reported missing 

Malawi Member of Parliament reported missing.

Kalua’s vehicle being seized by MRA recently

The fire brand politician, who is a Member of Parliament for Rumphi East and also the Vice President for the recent past ruling party which is now working with Malawi Congress Party, Kamlepo Kalua is reportedly missing, the family has claimed.

Kalua’s elder son Penjani, has informed The Malawi Star that the family has not been in touch with Kalua for a week now.

In recent times, Kalua has been very critical of the Government and has become a darling of many Malawians.

Recently, the Malawi Revenue Revenue Authority and the Malawi Police descended at his home and towed his vehicles:  Toyota Land Cruiser V8 registration number KA8966 and a Mercedes Benz registration number RU5437 claiming that Kalua evaded duty,  but the High Court gave Kalua a temporary relief by  ordering the Malawi Police to release all Kalua’s seized vehicles.

Kamlepo Kalua has accused the Government Agents of conducting a witch hunt with the aim to silence him.

While many have anxiously awaited his return to Parliament, so far that has not happened.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mr Kalue is urged to contact local officials or Police immediately.

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