30 Year old Launches new Football Academy

In a bid to complement government efforts to enhance football in Malawi, Vumani Chidzanja has launched a football academy in the City of Lilongwe.

The academy is aimed at grooming future players.

“Yes its true we have developed this football academy as you know Malawi football talent is here within the local areas, but they are not identified due to the lack of sports academy,” said Chidzanja

Chidzanja, who is also a well known businessman has urged well wishers to support the project.

“My job will be to work tirelessly with the talented youths below 18 years of age and groom them into productive and successful footballers,” said Chidzanja

Currently Chidzanja is only dealing with boys, but soon he says he will start nurturing girls as well so they too can become successful net ballers.

“All these big international players that you see now were groomed from these sports academies.”

Chiefs have since commended Vumani for the passion in sports development.

The academy has recruited more than 25 playersso far.

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