Wandale Signs Final Resolution to Share MUST Land

Wandale Signs Final Resolution to Share MUST Land

…Kaliati warns of arrest

By: Happy Arnold Soko

The war is on in Malawi as African Traditional Government of the United States of Thyolo and Mulanje (MUST) Supreme leader St. Musauwa Vincent Wandale has set the date for sharing uncultivated colonial estate lands to local indigenous people.

The directive has been signed by the Supreme Leader and the other twelve Governors from MUST provinces.

Wandale: Declares Thyolo and Mulanje as a State
Wandale: Declares Thyolo and Mulanje as a State

In an exclusive interview with The Malawi Star on Sunday, Wandale said that the Malawi government has also been issued an ultimatum to leave the newly formed state to conduct its operations.  He added that MUST is taking prompt action to guarantee the rights of its people by ensuring orderliness to operate within the provision of law.

Wandale also addressed what he called “the genesis of the crisis,” accusing whites of stealing and occupying MUST lands that properly and legally belong by ancestral rights to the citizens of Malawi from the region.

“We have deemed it fit to inform the Malawi government and other stakeholders about the lingering land issues MUST peoples face. We have finally resolved to share our ancestral land among its landless people.

“We are just claiming what belongs to us and our birth rights by following our constitution and United Nation Charter that gives us the full mandate to own what belongs to us,” explained Wandale in an interview with the publication

The copy of resolution made available to MUST urges the Malawi Government to adopt the procedure followed in South Sudan on secession from Sudan by similarly agreeing with the African Traditionalist Government of MUST on issues of immigration, national debt sharing, and dual citizenship at a minimum.

Parts of the document states, “the creation of the sovereign state of MUST should be considered as a relief for the Malawi Government, not as an inconvenience, because the Government of Malawi has repeatedly failed to address the colonial injustices of Thangata forced labour and land fraud despite receiving several petitions for redress from the affected people and despite having overwhelming evidence of the suffering of masses of the affected people as a result of these injustices.”

In a phone interview with The Malawi Star, Minister of Information and Civil Education, Patricia Kaliati, expressed ignorance of the issue. However, she sent a strong warning of arrest to the local people of Thyolo and Mulanje if they fail to follow the laws of Malawi.

Kaliati: Citizens could face arrest
Kaliati: Citizens could face arrest

Kaliati stated that the Malawi Government is still in a process of discussion with estate owners and local people citing the step taken by Wandale infringes on those discussions.

She stated, “as Malawi government we have not received any copy from Wandale and we don’t know of this issue as it stands now. It’s very difficult to comment; what I know is that we are into discussions with the local people until we reach a final resolution, If they want to go there and share the lands without any process it’s a problem. Let them share and if they get arrested it’s their own problem.”

Complete Copy of MUST notice (Click to Read or Download)

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