Kaliati: Information Crucial for Country’s Progress


By Eric Nantchengwa

Information Minister Patricia Kaliati has warned District Health Officers (DHO’s) against hiding information of public interest to the people.

According to Kaliati, DHO’s are the hub of information and they need to disseminate relevant information timely and in a right manner.

The Minister told The Malawi Star that remarkable changes cannot come if the people on the ground are denied access to information or information reaches them late.

“Why is that we lack information while they keep it gathering dust in their shelves and the media struggles to get the info to disseminate to the public?”

“Keep the reporters busy, they should not be hunting information from the DHO’s and people are failing to get the right info because of inactiveness” lamented Kaliati.

She therefore called upon the DHO’s to start making information available to the media and the public on a monthly basis if the country is to develop.

She said information sharing is paramount for development and people ought to know various issues, the progress of Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs.

Kaliati further said SDG’s are the people’s agenda and the media plays a critical role in updating the populace on the progress of them.

“What is happening to MASAF 4 and how about issues to do with Gender Based Violence? Are the people aware? Time has come to know information that affects them.” stated Kaliati.

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