Kabwila Laments Increased Disparity among Women

The chairperson for the Women Caucus in Parliament, Dr. Jessie Kabwila has urged civil society organizations, gender activists and Government to desist from taking elections as an event but rather a process.

The Women Caucus Chair made the call after a noted lack of support towards women to attain decision-making positions and retain seats in parliament.

In an exclusive interview with The Malawi Star, Dr. Kabwila expressed discomfort regarding declining support towards women when it comes to issues that affect them: attaining leadership positions in particular.

She said since the May 20 tripartite elections, no organization has come forward advocating or rendering financial support towards the issue of women attaining parliamentary seats and attaining leadership or decision-making positions.

According to Women’s Caucus Chair, the issue of disparity between men and women in attaining leadership positions is alarming and it is treated as an event not as a process.

Kabwila said it is pathetic that women don’t hold key constitutional positions, especially in the committees of parliament and she described the situation as disastrous.

“We need affirmative action in the electoral roles because the roles need to open the doors for women. We should not be hearing the issue of merit, since merit does not come out of context.

She further expressed the need for civic education so that people will know that women are good leaders stating again that the retention plan should not be treated as an event.

She therefore urged organizations lobbying for women to attain leadership positions to start the process now, instead of waiting for 2019 general elections.


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