Fusion Festival debuts in Lilongwe with Culinary Focus

Food and Music Festival Debuts in Malawi


Ovation Advertising Agency is hosting a food and music festival schedule for the 26th to 28th of August at Umodzi Park, Malawi Square in Lilongwe.

The Fusion Festival is a pioneer for the creation of unique events and entertainment platforms designed to drive strategic brand communication objectives in unique and refreshing environments.

Speaking in an interview with The Malawi Star, Ovation Advertising Agency Board Chairman, Chimwemwe Matonga, described the event as an ideal way for players in food to showcase some amazing things they make and give consumers a possible chance to discover a variety of food products.

He explained, “Fusion Festival is a signature event that is aimed at creating impactful, memorable moments where families can connect in a fun way. We are filling a gap in limited family entertainment. The festival will provide an opportunity for spending a weekend with family while indulging in music and great food.”

Fusion Festival hopes to be the biggest food and music extravaganza to debut in Lilongwe, with both headline entertainment and a focus on the culinary arts. The Festival is designed to provide patrons of all ages to spend a weekend enjoying great food and entertainment, while outdoors.

According to Matonga, the event is designed to increase tourism and said that they plan for this to become an annual event.

“It is a Festival that brings together players in the food industry and their customers in one place to celebrate food and music. We are looking for the Festival to become a calendar event that will attract patronage from within and outside the country. The Festival brings a deep appreciation of the rich food that the country has and opens Malawi to the outside world as far as food is concerned,” he added.

The Festival will further give an opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and target audiences. The event will also be spiced with music from Lulu, Edger and Davis, Giddes Chalamanda, Blaze and others.




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