Kabwila’s Car Torched; ‘DPP is Persecuting me’

Exclusive: Kabwila speaks on car aftermath

…Malawi practicing Kamuzuism politics

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Spokesperson, Jessie Kabwila, has openly said that her life is in danger and she continues to face persecution following the inferno that gutted her car.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Malawi Star on Thursday, Kabwila declined to name her attackers, but indicated that it’s clear a well known political party is behind the attack.

Her voice sounding very low and somber in a phone interview, the MCP spokesperson said she is optimistic that the people who set the car into the inferno wanted to assassinate her.

According to Kabwila, a day before the attack, she went into hiding after receiving a tip that police and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets were looking for her.

She explained, “Just a day before my car was set on fire, I was in hiding after I got a tip that Malawi police and DPP cadets were looking for me. When you hear people looking for you and something like this happens you think a lot: I am also a human. After the investigations are done, I will be able to know as to what happened.”

“I was at the Lilongwe Golf Club with our party’s Secretary General. Before the meeting, I was busy chatting with Mama Cecilia Kadzamila. This is when I saw people rushing out of the club shouting that the car is burning. After I heard people shouting I also run out knowing that I had parked my car outside and just to find out it was mine. Luckily the fire was put out.”

When asked why she is facing torture after just a short time into her political career, the Salima North West Member of Parliament said it’s due to her continued political fight for justice.

“When things like this are happening, it means you are on the right track. I represent the opposition and everyone knows that I fight for poor Malawians. I have refused and always denounced corruption.  I have always stood for justice and I will continue to do so. Right now, I thank God and am grateful that I am alive and that I have survived. It’s very clear that there are people behind this. This was a 2013 car, very new and had no electrical fault. A car doesn’t just burn up like that. Let’s wait until investigations are done.”

In his remarks with the publication, Lilongwe based political analyst Loudon Malingamoyo Phiri said the fight between DPP and MCP is threatening the country’s political playing field.

Phiri added the party’s need to radicalize and forget about the Kamuzuism politics of torture. He further hinted that lack of transitional leadership with MCP is contributing to in-house fights.

“I think we still have political imagination which is typically politics of oppression derived from the old MCP system. We have not really been in for democratic change, we have serious problems. Even herself she was chased from her party rally despite being the party spokesperson. She was not treated as the party top official for the fact that she is not licking the boots of the party leader. We have serious problems in the country in terms of democracy.”

“One man running the show does not go well with democracy. That’s the way things are now.  The MCP needs to start treating its members with respect and implement policies that can win the attention of the Malawians rather than concentrating on in-house fighting.”

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  1. The burning of the car is due to infighting within the MCP. We all know Kabwira is not in terms with other party gurus. So why pointing fingers at DPP yet we know she was barred during the party rally. Kabwira amazitenga ngati ozindikira zimene mphongo za mchipani chake zili against that. Phuma lake limupweteketsa ndiye asanamizire DPP. Malingamoyo Phiri is also not right when he said this is caused by the fight between MCP and DPP.

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