Musicians Association of Malawi Cracks down on Piracy

By Thula Chisamba

The Musicians Association of Malawi (MAM) – Northern Region Chapter, has revealed plans to introduce a software that will protect music from piracy.

Speaking with The Malawi Star in an exclusive interview, MAM chairperson for the North, Dyton Mbewe, described the software as vital to the arts industry in the country.

He said its introduction will see artists start benefiting from their artwork because piracy will become a thing of the past.

“This software will restrict any form of piracy starting from sharing of artwork via the internet and other ways of reproducing and distributing artwork without permission,” said Mbewe.

According to Mbewe, this will force arts fanatics in the country and beyond, to start buying the original copies of their artwork.

He described the journey before the software as challenging and discouraging because most artists have not been benefiting from their productions.

“You produce an album at about MK500,000 but because of piracy, you don’t earn anything, can you continue producing? So I will describe the journey as discouraging,” he said.

On the other hand, Mbewe hailed legislators in the country for passing the copyright bill into law, citing the move will greatly motivate artists in the country.

He said with the laws in place, artists will gain confidence that they will start benefiting from their sweat.

“Before the laws, artists were not confident and sure of their future in the artist field but now, with the laws in place artists will be confident and sure of benefiting from their work,” added Mbewe.

With current technology, artists are always complaining that they don’t benefit from their work owing to rampant piracy.

Many artists contend that perpetrators of piracy emerge as the beneficiaries of their hard produced work, while they themselves remain poor.

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