Mzuzu City Council Tussling with Chihana Family on Graveyard Relocation?

By Thula Chisamba

It is believed that before he succumbed to a brain tumor, late Chakufwa Thom Chihana, opted to be buried at a place he branded Kawiruwiru h- just some metres away behind Mzuzu reserve bank offices.

Historically, this is the place where he held his first political rally after bring freed from prison, where he was detained for being rebellious to the one party system leader, late Kamuzu Banda.

After he died, government offered to bury him close to Kamuzu graveyard in Lilongwe but relatives insisted that their father must be buried where he opted while alive.

During the first two weeks, government provided everything including security to the gravesite, in honor of his achievements as father and founder of multiparty democracy in Malawi.

However, suddenly, government abandoned the cemetery in the hands of family members. Three security officials who were guarding the site abandoned the place, owing to lack of allowances.

Many things have been happening since then, with the latest revelations alleging that the city council has sold the plot to a construction company.

Though the Malawi Star can not independently confirm the allegations, we have received several reports that the city council is championing the idea to relocate the cemetery to a newly established heroes acre, situated behind Mzuzu ADMARC offices.

The city council chief executive officer, McCloud Kadam’manja, said the graveyard is currently poorly located, thus it must be exhumed and be reburied at the heroes acre.

“Surely the gravesite is at the wrong place according to the city council plans. Fortunately, we have already established a new heroes site, where all heroes will be buried,” he said.

Nonetheless, members from the Chihana family still insist that the current site is very conducive for their father’s graveyard.

Meanwhile, the city council authorities have hinted on inviting members from Chihana family to bang heads with them, for fair resolution on the matter.

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