Wandale Reveals MUST flag Concept and UN Appeal Letter

Mulanje, Thyolo launches new Flag, National Anthem

…Ndata named capital city

by: Happy Arnold Soko

The United States of Thyolo and Mulanje (MUST) on Saturday launched a new flag and national anthem, despite the nation of Malawi’s continued disagreement over whether the two districts should become an independent country.

These districts with about 2 million people, are occupied by colonialists who own and control the tea and macadamia nut estates, leaving the locals landless.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Malawi Star at Peoples Land Organization (PLO) head office at Khonjeni in Thyolo, Supreme Leader Saint Mussauwa Vincent Wandale said all necessary documentations, icons and symbols to define the country are being finalized.

Unveiling a rough design of the future flag, map and national anthem, he singled out the flag as  a sacred geometric design with a whirlwind form symbolizing the power of the Mulanje and Thyolo people.

MUST: Flag will be a Whirlwind
MUST: Flag will be a Whirlwind

He explained in an interview, “We cannot have a country without these things to identify us as a separate entity from others. It’s an indigenous people’s nation and as such we are doing things step by step.  This is the unveiling of one of many things that are to be unveiled over time. The flag is definition of who are, and is in the form of a whirlwind and we expect it to go all over the world.

Wandale further named Ndata as the capital city of MUST and said that henceforth it will be known as Happiness City. He added that his country will be run by twelve governors who will look after the twelve provinces. All the twelve governors will be reporting to two supreme governors.

According to Wandale, the following is the initial list of Governors:

Dancoster Chitsulo – Ndata (Happiness City)

John Henry Pindani – Bvumbwe Province

Patson Mlemei – Thyolo Boma Province

Chief Milosi – Chizungu Province

Chrispine Nkhoma – Makwasa Province

Douglas Tama – Thekerani Province

Luke Jeasman – Limbula Province

Chief Golden Backstone – Chonde Province

Fadwis Benjamin – Msika-Wanajala Province

Steve Daniel – Mkando Province

Lignet Nelson – Nsona Province

“We are operating under a constitution; as a country we are under threat from the government of Malawi which has continuously denied the sovereignty of our country.   To avoid this as an organization, we decided to share all the idle land. As a supreme leader I have the power to decree the use of all these idle lands to the people who deserve it.

“But as we know, once we do that knowing that the government of Malawi is in denial, it means they will do something like destabilizing the distribution of land which to us means is not a good way. I am not a leader who wants to shed blood, as such I have written the United Nations through General Secretary Ban Ki Moon for intervention,” he stated in an interview with the publication.

MUST: Letter to UN Secretary General
MUST: Letter to UN Secretary General

The UN Security Council has not set a date to take up the resolution but Wandale has moved forward with elevating the Thyolo Magistrate Court to a Supreme Court of Appeal and has promoted the Magistrate for the court to Chief Justice.

“We wrote the magistrate and all the District Commissioners and gave them a seven day ultimatum to leave our premises, but they did not which means they belong to us and they are willing to work for MUST, and as such, with the power vested in me, I have elevated the Magistrate to Chief Justice,” stated Wandale.

Meanwhile, MUST is expected to sign UN treaties and follow the Sustainable Development Goals.

When asked for comment, no one in the Malawian Government had a response to the developing events.

Their previous comments were that they did not consider Wandale or MUST to be worth their time in responding and that he was, “a mad man.”





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    • Anthu inu mukadawerenga buku lorembedwe ndi Edson Mpina(freedom avenue)mukadaona mabvuto a anthu am’maboma awiri wa. Ndipo minda imeneyi azungu ak sali kuno ku mw& yet akugulitsa kwa amwenye. Don’t u feel pity with our bros&& ssts who’re treated badly ndi amwenye? Go&read that book tx.

  1. Am suportin Wandale and his team,,nanga atilande malo eni nthaka tikuona,koma nkhaniyi kuiunika bwno,tiona kut anthuwa sanalakwitse chilipo ndikuwapatsa suport basi,,rmbr zinthu zili ndi ubwino ndikuipa kwake,,i can see chitukuko chomwe sichinachitike kuyambra kamuzu era mpaka pano @ list anthu asimbako lokoma

  2. so sad for our neighbours on the east.it is a small land and lake malawi has bitten quite a big chunk off nyasaland.why further split it?what size will it remain?ka malawi ka chalo akanono sana futi baleakana abena malawi.

  3. Kkkkkk koma guys umbuli ndimatendadi mukuyamba zinthu mulibe poyambira mesa MUST ndi school ndiye ikhala bwanj city abale pilizi eeeh?capital yanu ikakhale NDATA mesa ndichuma chapitala ndiazibale ake kkkkk koma akuluakulu koma akudziwa iyeyo kut mukumulanda ndata kapena naye ali behind this?

  4. Wandale wandale ,Mr. President it’s very simple this mad man to deal with him now but if you be late with him you will cause big , problems the future leaders it’s about you mutharica and wandale because your the leader of this country and you won’t to bring confusion with your fellow tribe man the results with this country is division yao, Chewa,tumbuka they all will claim States especially the yao people if you follow history of this country pliz you will cause big problem with wandale.

  5. What a relief from a lot of lies and theft by malawian politicians who feel above the law. Our 100 years of suffering ends now. Zamunyasa akavote NO pa referendum. All colonial estate ownees in thyolo and mulanje your time is over. Sorry malawi, we MUST separate.

  6. Some online media are complete time wasters. U have an agenda for posting such nonsense. Whatever it is, it destroying our poor but beloved country malawi. Whether you qish u wea american, we wish were still malawians but living in a ten times wealthier Malawi.

  7. You must be very idiot iweyo mbuzi ya Admin! fuck u! stupit, galu, mbuzi, mbewa, ng’ona iwe, kambuku iwe, mchira wa ng’ombwe iwe no plain in writing things! ndiwe chisiru wamva the very most thing that I hate is to cheat my fellow Malawinas wamva! usamapnge zinthu zopusa please ladies and gentlemen unlike this page now its a fraudulent page I tell u it gives wrong information I’m not just saying!

  8. can somebody believe this madness? amalawi kukonda kutengeka ndizokumva imva! unless you dont know what it takes to form a government. olemba nkhaniyo, komanso akupanga bomawo, onse achamba okhaokha. asiyeni ndifodya wawoyo!!! ife tigwire ntchito

  9. I guess the state president is also ready to leave Malawi as soon as possible to rule MUST as a nation that’s y he is quite huuu Wandale umakwana

  10. If Wandale was from the Nothern or Central region the government could have already arrested him and charged him with treason. But because he is a lomwe it is just playing hide and seek. Some conflicts began like this.

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