Mzimba Splitting Resurfaces Kingdom Calls

By Thula Chisamba

Suggestions to have Mzimba district divided have taken another contentious twist, as latest information indicates that members from the royal family are advocating for the district to become a kingdom.

The Malawi Star has established that the Mzimba paramount chief Inkosi Yamakosi Mbwelwa V, recently held an emergency indaba with fellow traditional leaders and legislators from the district.

Inside sources who attended the in camera meeting confided to this publication that calls to have Mzimba divided was among the agendas that stirred controversy among participants.

“The issue dominated the meeting and what I learnt was that the paramount chief himself was not comfortable to accept the issue. He instead sided with some participants who proposed the adoption of a monarch state,” said the source, who spoke with us on condition of anonymity.

Records show that calls to have the district divided into three districts goes against the oath Mzimba kings take before taking power.

However, legislators in the district are advocating to have the district divided for the sake of development. According to them, the current vastness of the district is impeding development.

Official records from the district council show that the district receives equal funds with other small districts, regardless of its large size.

“This is very worrisome to us as development facilitators. Its not reasonable to be living this way. We need change,” said Daniel Banda, Chazomba ward councillor.

However, the royal family maintains that dividing the district may compromise unity among Mzimba Ngonis. They instead champion the adoption of a monarch state.

Meanwhile, the indaba was adjourned to a later schedule, where a final resolution is expected to transpire.

In an interview, M’mbelwa V confirmed attending the said emergency indaba but declined to comment further on grounds that the issue remains contentious.

On his part, Mzimba district commissioner, Thomas Chirwa, said he is following the issue with keen interest though his office is not concerned with such indabas.

“The issue remains in their hands. As a council, we are just following with keen interest until they reach their resolution,” said Chirwa.

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  2. dont divide our biggest district,why don’t you develop small district first before you start dividing mzimba,you want to create gost names so that you can continue stealing money with the name of new district tjoo over my foot kaki government of peter mathanyula

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