Mutharika Advised to Dissolve MEC; Lost Credibility

Mutharika advised to dissolve MEC

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Political commentator Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri has advised President Peter Mutharika to immediately dissolve the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

Phiri said in an Interview with The Malawi Star on Thursday that he believes MEC has lost credibility and should be dissolved.

This comes after MEC officials have been involved in various abuse of the office ranging from corruption to giving jobs based on family relations.

The Lilongwe based commentator said MEC situation is worrisome and raises fears for the upcoming 2019 general elections. He added that the Malawi leader should use his power and make a decision that will change the corrupt body.

According to Phiri, officials have failed to uphold, defend and respect the constitution.

He further hinted that it’s time MEC accept and respect the constitution and that they have violated the oath of their offices.

“At the meantime the future is in the limbo because the fact of matter seems there is disconnection between government and MEC. MEC commissioners are yet to leave the offices and the electoral body is failing to deliver by hold the by-elections. This shows that the relationship between MEC and government is not in good terms.  Unfortunately the constitution gives them a specific period of time to stay in the office and we cannot overlook that. But with this mess, Mutharika should dissolve MEC and bail it out from the challenges it’s facing,” stated Phiri.

Recently MEC has been experiencing financial setbacks in which the electoral body got its cars seized.

On March 15 High Court sheriffs impounded the vehicles donated by UNDP after three companies– Universal Trading Company, Platinum Solutions and Transworld Radio–dragged the electoral body to court to pay a total of K90 million (about USD $134,658).

The vehicles includes a three 10-tonne Nissan UD Van vehicles registration BQ 901, BQ 902 and BQ 892, a Toyota Caravan minibus registration BP 9523 and two Nissan Patrols registration BP 9529 and BP 9525.

Mutharika’s office had no comment on the story.

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